Square Trellis

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Diagonal Trellis

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Oriental Trellis

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Trellis - custom made to suit.

We manufacture a standard range of trellis products as well as "custom" designs.

Oriental, diagonal or square designs, framed or unframed depending on your requirements. Cutouts & angles to suit sloping landscapes.
Trellis is a versatile fencing product that has a wide range of uses around your property from privacy toppers on fences to wind breaks and gas bottle surrounds.
We offer advice on what trellis to use around your property, how to install & handy hints.

Any shape (sloping section etc) no problem.

35x12 battens, 60x12 and 90x20(Dressed) standard.  Other sizes also available as required.

Optional Framing using stainless steel screws.


oriental trellis resdential


Gallery of Recent Trellis Projects

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Price List

Unframed Trellis


35mm Batten

15mm Gap $35.00 per m2

10mm Gap $40.00 per m2

5mm Gap $45.00 per m2

60mm Batten

10mm Gap $55.00 per m2

90mm x 20mm Batten

10mm Gap $66.00 per m2


Diagonal Trellis

35mm Gap $40.00 per m2

50mm Gap $35.00 per m2

75mm Gap $30.00 per m2


75x50 $6.50 per m

100x40 $6.50 per m

50x50 $5.50 per m

Framing charge per panel $25

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